Dancin’ In The Street opened to the public on Friday September 7 at MOCAD. We had the pleasure of presenting our project alongside the current exhibition, Vision in a Cornfield

The DEPE Space gallery (housed in the back of MOCAD’s main exhibition space) is a showcase of our project, “Dancin’ In The Street” and will evolve over the next week. As we take this project to different neighborhoods in Detroit we will collect video, photos and messages from participants. This documentation will be on display in the gallery for the duration of the residency. A permanent dance floor/message board is set up in the middle of the space in addition to a sound booth, which allows visitors to listen to the original song by Martha and The Vandellas and the remix song by our local musical collaborators, Booker Snow’s, Minister Blak & Goodson  Gallery visitors are welcome to interact with the installation at any point. 

At the opening, people were invited to dance and leave messages on the dance floor about social change in Detroit. There were a wide variety of contributions. Here are a few messages that were left behind on the dance floor; ” Read to know”, “Follow your dreams or dream about being followed”, “Dance is good for the soul”, “We were givin feet so we should be dancin in the streets!”, “The rebirth in Detroit is needed”, “Set out to be you!” and more. You can see all of them on view at the gallery. 

This week we will take our portable dance floor to various neighborhoods and collect more messages/dance moves from the people of Detroit! So, stay tuned and come visit us soon!

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